A puzzle game for three or more players

Triangulate is a set of rules that describe a way of orienting and interacting with a group of people.

To play, everyone uses their own phone and gets their own set of rules that determine a position within the group. One player's rules might conflict — or outright contradict — those of another player, forming a complex web of bodies and connections.

To resolve conflicts, players will need to bend some rules to accommodate others: finding loopholes and cheats wherever possible.

To begin, each player reveals their first rule and chooses another player for it to apply to. This rule establishes where players will be positioned in relation to each other. For example: 

You stand beside one person 

Next, each player reveals their second rule and chooses a different player. This rule describes a physical connection or interaction. Something like:

You hold hands with a different person

Finally, each player reveals their last rule. Unlike the first two rules, the third rule only applies to your own body, specifying an individual requirement that will complicate the resolution of the first two rules. This could be:

You sit on the floor

When everyone's three rules have been successfully accommodated, the puzzle is solved and everyone wins.

Triangulate was made by dancing in collaboration with Lee Osmond and Paul Jackson.

StatusIn development
Made withTwine
Tagsbody-game, contortion, dance, physical, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count3

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